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The Custom Fabric Slayer

Fuck off Pretty Please. - FABRICSLAYER Panel

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$4.00 CAD
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$4.00 CAD
Fabric Base

Adult size panel is - 28”x32”

Teen size panel is 20x36"

child size panel is - 17”x19”

Toddler size panel is 12x18"

baby (tumbler size) panel is - 8”x9.5”

Double Blanket Topper - Toddler size - the blanket topper set comes with 2 panels at 30”x36” each.  

Single Blanket Topper - 1 yard size - the whole panel is 36x60

Adult Blanket Topper - 2 yard size - the whole panel is 72x60

Special request size are also available. *There may be a fee for special request sizes.