Cut and Sew

Introducing the cut and sew options! We are currently an authorized retailer with Linds Handmade Designs only at the moment with our designs.

How can you purchase our cut and sews?
- You must provide purchase of these pattern designs. Once you have shown us proof of purchase you will be given access via your account.

- Please ensure you have an account with us, so that we will be able to give you access.

- You can send proof of purchase to . Proof of purchase would be a screen shot of your pattern purchase. The email address must match your account on The Custom Fabric Slayers website. You also have the option to forward us your order confirmation or log into your account with Linds Handmade Designs and screen shot your order history showing the pattern purchases. The email on your account with your proof of purchase MUST match the email that you have registered your account with here. There is no exceptions. Please ensure that they both match. (Etsy purchases are the same process).

- Please keep in mind it may take up to 3 business days to get access to the cut and sews. We will send an email approving your account and letting you know that your account now has access to purchase!

As always feel free to email myself, Elizabeth at



Disclaimer: These cut and sew products are made from copyrighted pattern pieces. These pattern designers encourage you to sell what you make using their patterns. However, you may not sell any cut and sew products as is. Meaning you can not buy a cut and sew product from us and sell it unsewn in it's original form in any destash groups or any online platforms such as, but not limited to Etsy or instagram. This is due to others not owning said patterns in destashing. Those caught doing this will have their account removed and be banned from ordering.